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Ultimate Flying Disc - Star - 175g

Eurodisc 175g ultimate disc

If you think that Ultimate discs are barely different from each other, then you should know that the Eurodisc is not made from conventional plastic, but from 100% renewable raw materials in Germany.

This is the Ultimate Frisbee of the present and future!

The Eurodisc impresses both professional and amateur athletes with its extremely high level of quality and extraordinary flight characteristics. Flight stabilization grooves on the top of the frisbee provide the disc with a more stable trajectory.

While professional players can throw the disc over 100 meters, beginners can also reach distances over 50 meters after a little practice. The Eurodisc not only performs excellently in competitions, but will also provide you with a lot of fun in the entertainment sector, just for fun.

The Eurodisc has already conquered many European Ultimate Frisbee sports associations. As a result, it is now the official competition disc for Ultimate Frisbee tournaments throughout Europe. It is one of the few Ultimate competition discs officially recognized by the WFDF worldwide, including the absolutely only one made from biological material.

By purchasing a Eurodisc Ultimate, you will not only be able to have fun at the highest level, but you will also do your bit for the environment.

Also available as a package at a reduced price. Perfect for school classes and club sports.

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