Course design

Course design

Course design is the most important phase in building a good disc golf course. A well-designed course will benefit the players and the environment where it is installed since it will offer challenges to the players using the natural elements of the park without having to act on it.

At Mad Disc Golf we have years of experience and several courses designed in the US and Spain where many PDGA events have been held, such as the Intermad in its last two editions of the AEDG Disc Golf Spanish Cup, among others.

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Elements of a course

Disc golf courses all have something in common and that is that each hole has a starting point (tee-out) and a basket (target). From here a design can be as complex as desired and the terrain allows.


It is the main element of every field.
They are the objective in which you have to insert the disc to complete each hole.

They are made of metal with a galvanized finish and weigh around 33 kg. They are normally anchored to the ground in a concrete socket and are detachable and easily removable.

In the market there are many manufacturers, brands, designs and prices, so we recommend that you contact us for more details.

tee off

It is the teeing ground for each hole.

Normally with dimensions close to 2 x 3 meters, they are usually made of concrete (a small slab), although there are also wood, artificial grass, or if the project requires it, using natural terrain.

A good tee is essential for a good hole design and its direction and length will be essential so that players can make a first pitch according to the par established for the hole based on the rest of the elements.


Signage is the third element of a disc golf course.

It consists of the teesign (or exit signs) and the course map.

Through these posters, the player is informed of the dimensions and characteristics of the holes so that they can play them correctly.

Normally it is used to include didactic information for beginners and curious people who come to see what disc golf is.


The obstacles are not elements that are always present but they can help in the design of the route.

Its function is double.
On the one hand, they serve to protect certain areas or zones of the park through which you do not want a disc to fly, either for safety or because it conflicts with another hole.

On the other hand, they can be used to add difficulty to certain holes and increase the level of demand, helping to separate the scores of players with different levels of play so as not to penalize the best players and make a necessary difference in some cases.

Reviews of our course designs


Seneca Championship Course - Udisc

Amazing wooded course with a good variety of shots.


Seneca Championship Course - Udisc

A very good and challenging course. It will continue to get better with updates. One of the harder courses in the area with some nice long holes for a wood course.


Moreras temporary field - Udisc

I have played the #11 hole version.
A nice and entertaining course designed. I want it to become a permanent course. Recommended (A+)

Laura Sanchez

Polvoranca temporary field - YouTube

Beautiful place! It offers challenges that will surely arouse expectations of originality in the shots.