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Basket - Active Target

The Discmania "Active Target" is a great looking portable basket. It has a high-visibility yellow band and cage, so you can easily locate the target, even in dark conditions. It is approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association. It is designed for both outdoor and indoor practice. The active target has 18 chains that also connect horizontally to ensure a near-seamless shooting experience. This shooting solution was first introduced in the Discmania Lite Basket in 2014 and has become the standard for lightweight training targets.

Weighing just 15.5 kilograms, the target is easy to transport despite being more robust than most of its competitors. The Discmania Active dartboard is also easy to assemble, as it only takes a couple of clicks to assemble and disassemble.

We recommend storing this dartboard indoors after use.

Assembly notice: The basket poles may be a little tight, especially when assembling for the first time, so please be careful when assembling the basket.

Measurements of the Discmania active target:

Target height: 143 cm
Target band height: 8cm
Upper diameter: 56cm
Target width: 68 cm
Base diameter: 63 cm".

Great looking portable dartboard
Designed for practice, both outdoors and indoors
We recommend storing this dartboard indoors after use
Approved up to level B for PDGA events.

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