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P1 - D line - Flex 2

The Discmania P1 is the archetypal putter that suits everyone. It has a very neutral and gliding flight, so it is also good for learning clean form. When you learn to drive with this putter, it will teach you a lot about your putt. The straight flight pattern also makes putting a pleasure.

Unlike the P1s of the past (pre-2022), these P1s feature a slightly convex and rounded bottom that provides a smooth and natural feel in the hand. Players of all levels will enjoy the variety of shots the P1 offers.

As a slightly shallower cousin to the P2, this putter adapts well to almost any type of grip style, making it an excellent tool for careful wooded shots, dead straight flights, and flip-to-flat, or anhyzer, shots. The P1 is a tool you can count on for your putts, tee shots and approaches.

Flex 1 - For those who prefer a softer putter with more grip.

Flex 2 - Medium stiffness that works for everyone.

Flex 3 - Harder plastic provides a firm hand feel.
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