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Iron Samurai 4 - MD3 - Chroma

The 4th installment of the popular Iron Samurai is presented in a type of plastic never seen in our Originals line: Chroma plastic!

The Eagle McMahon Signature Series Iron Samurai 4 is a fantastic mid-range that can handle quite a bit of torque. Glides straight with a reliable smooth fade at the end of flight. The Iron Samurai MD3s have been Eagle's go-to mids for years. Eagle relies on the MD3 for all types of mid-range shooting when it matters most.

The Chroma plastic, similar to the Luster C line you may be familiar with, is extremely durable and draws attention with its distinctive pearlescent appearance. The Iron Samurai 4 in Chroma plastic feels firm and grippy in your hand to give you extra confidence when you prepare to slice it straight through the tight fairway.

The MD3 is Discmania's mid-range club, one that you can find in virtually every Team Discmania Pro's bag. The MD3 takes you right to your destination, with almost driver-like range.

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