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FD3 - S-Line

The FD3 is our true workhorse. With a low profile, blunt nose and concave bottom edge, this is the puck to get things done. It can be relied on to handle large amounts of wind, forehands, thumber/tomahawks, and agile backhand throws from even the strongest arms. Every player needs one of these in their bag for their reliability and durability.

The FD3 is a favorite of fans and team players. The S-Line FD3 is just as powerful as its C-Line counterpart and will give you that familiar, grippy S-Line feel. In terms of profile, this FD3 has a slight curvature, providing adequate glide and maintaining the robust finish that the FD3 is known for.

The added slip of the S-line plastic will make this FD3 a little more versatile than some of our other FD3s. You'll also notice a little more reach compared to the FD3 C-line and Glow.

Good for: Power hyzers (backhand/forehand), utility shots, (Lone) Howling wind, and overhand shots like thumbers or tomahawks. Or the famous grenade that you see everyone throw nowadays.
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