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FD1 - C-line

When you pick it up, you'll have some similarities to a C-line FD, but the slip has been reduced a bit and a low speed fade has also been added to add more stability in windy situations and accuracy. Players will fall in love with the FD1's relatively flat profile and smooth release on backhand and side hits.

The FD1 has a very high speed and torque tolerance, meaning it can be thrown hard and is able to push forward in a straight, consistent flight path while finishing with a soft bite at the end. It has enough stability to withstand high wind, forced rotation shots, and a wide variety of powerful shot angles, while maintaining a launch feel like a less stable disc normally would. You can rely on it to get you out of trouble, navigate tough streets, and conquer all conditions on any given day.

Good for: Straight fairway shots, Hyzer shots, flex shots, side shots, windy days, advanced players and professionals alike.

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