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Ultimate Flying Disc - SUPER GLOW - 175g

Welcome to another great disc for Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts: the eurodisc® 175g 100% Organic SUPERGlow! This disc is something very special and will take your night game to the next level.
The disc is made of a phosphorescent organic plastic that charges when exposed to light and glows in the dark. Compared to other phosphorescent discs, the Eurodisc has a particularly long and powerful glow. And how it works? It simply "charges" under a light source (artificial light or sunlight, it doesn't matter). Then the disc shows its luminosity in the dark. If the effect fades, simply place the disc back under the light and recharge it.
The Eurodisc® 175g 100% Organic SUPERGlow is made from 100% biodegradable materials, making it not only environmentally friendly, but also particularly durable and resistant. But that is not all! This disc is perfect for night games, as it glows in the dark, creating a spectacular atmosphere. The eurodisc® SUPERGlow disc not only glows for a few throws, it retains its brightness for a long time so that the game can continue even in the dark.
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