¿Qué es el Disc Golf?

What is disc golf?

If you're an outdoor sports fan looking for an exciting and challenging activity, disc golf might be just the thing for you. But what exactly is disc golf?

Disc golf is a sport in which players throw a Frisbee towards a target with the intention of completing the course in as few throws as possible. The goal is similar to a basketball hoop, but instead of a net, there is a metal basket with chains to catch the puck. The objective is located in a certain place on the course, and the players must complete the course of holes in the fewest number of throws possible.

One of the most exciting things about disc golf is the variety of courses available to play. Some courses are open and spacious, while others are more technical and require greater precision. There are even courses that have natural obstacles like trees and bushes that make the game even more challenging.

Disc golf is a fun and social sport that can be enjoyed alone or in a group. Plus, it's a great form of cardio that doesn't require a lot of equipment or a big budget to get started.

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