¿Cómo elegir un putter?

How to choose a putter?

Disc golf putters can come in a thousand shapes, weights, and plastics. Each of these aspects has a direct impact on the way the disc flies and how it grips the chains, so it's important to consider them when choosing a putter that suits your putting style.

Shape : The edge of disc golf putters can have different shapes: round, flat and bevelled. Round edged putters tend to have a softer hand feel and more predictable trajectory. Flatter edged putters provide better accuracy on longer pitches. Bevel edge putters combine the advantages of round and flat edges.

Weight : The weight of the putter can vary from 150 grams to 180 grams. Heavier putters tend to have more stability in the air and a straighter trajectory. Lighter putters tend to be easier to throw with more speed and less effort, which can be beneficial for players with a soft putting style or beginning players.

Type of plastic : The stiffness of the putter can vary from soft to very hard. Softer putters tend to provide more grip in the hand and can be easier to control on shorter putting runs. Stiffer putters tend to be more stable in the air and can provide more control on longer putts.

Now that you know these tips, all you have to do is try which edge is more comfortable for you. Every player is different and every putting style works best with a certain plastic-

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