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Pro Trainer - Portable

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ProBasket Trainer is a solid quality basket for home use that assembles easily. Unlike many low-priced baskets this one has the look and feel of a tournament basket making practice feel like the real deal. It can also be used for temporary courses, where the built-in wheel on the base makes it easy to move. It is approved by the PDGA for events up to B-tiers.

- 13 sets of inner and 13 outer chains with zinc coating.
- The ProBasket Trainer has a powder coat finish.
- 3″ high yellow deflector strip improves visibility in all conditions.
- Tension screws are included to increase stability.
- The ProBasket Trainer is approved at the PDGA standard level granting useage in events up to and including B-Tier.
- The ProBasket Trainer pole is divided into two parts for easy transport and storage.
- The ProBasket Trainer is primarily for portable use. Permanent installation or prolonged exposure to the elements may compromise the integrity of the basket composition.

Approved up to level B for PDGA events.