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Slammer - Classic Supreme - SockiBomb

The Sockibomb Slammer is a new mold based on the grip of the original Dynamic Discs Slammer and the consistency Ricky Wysocki loves in the Westside Discs Harp. The reliability of the Sockibomb Slammer is a must for players of all skill levels and arm speeds. It's a super stable putting putter that can be hit both backhand and forehand with a predictable finish every time, even in a strong headwind. It was created in collaboration with 2x World Champion Ricky Wysocki and is here to up your approach game.

The Sockibomb Slammer is the first new mold in 2x Ricky Wysocki's Sockibomb line.

No field or basket is safe when a player pulls out the NEW Raptor Eye Sockibomb Slammer. An evolution in design, the Raptor Eye Sockibomb Slammer showcases our new two-color "Raptor Eye" process that makes a puck look like nothing we've ever seen before.

Named after an extreme beast of prey capable of unique feats and designed by 2x World Champion Ricky Wysocki, the Raptor Eye Sockibomb Slammer was created so players could attack the pin no matter the approach. Hyzers, flexible shots with severe angles, or battling through windy conditions - the Raptor Eye Sockibomb Slammer always finds a way to get to the basket, and when that happens, it's over. Happy hunting.

Get yours now before they are gone.
This is a specialized fundraiser disc and proceeds from the sale will go to Ricky Wysocki.
Speed: 3, Glide: 1, Turn: 0.5, Fade: 4
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