How to play disc golf in the wind?!

How to play disc golf in the wind?!

Playing disc golf on a windy day can be challenging, but there are certain types of discs that can help you navigate the conditions. Here are some tips on what type of discs to throw when playing disc golf on a windy day:

  1. Overstable discs: Overstable discs have a more predictable flight path and are less likely to be affected by the wind. They are designed to curve hard to the left (for right-handed backhand throws) and are useful for shots that require a strong, consistent fade. Some examples of overstable discs include the Innova Firebird and the Discraft Force.

  2. Heavy discs: Heavier discs are less likely to be blown around by the wind, so it's a good idea to use a heavier-weight disc on windy days. A weight of 170-180 grams is a good range to aim for.

  3. Lower profile discs: Discs with a lower profile (i.e. thinner discs) are generally more aerodynamic and are less likely to be affected by the wind. Mid-range discs and putters are usually thinner and can be good options on windy days.

  4. Discs with a more blunt edge: Discs with a more blunt edge (i.e. less sharp) are also more aerodynamic and can be less affected by the wind. These types of discs are usually less stable, so they may require more finesse and control.

Keep in mind that windy conditions can make disc golf more challenging, so it's important to adjust your shots accordingly. Be prepared to use more power and throw at a lower trajectory to counteract the wind. With practice and experience, you'll learn to navigate the wind and become a more well-rounded disc golfer. Madrid is generally a bit breezy, so be sure to grab some heavier-weight discs if your arm can handle it. 

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